Eczema around the Eyes: Finding the Right Eye Makeup Products

Eczema is a common problem that affects people of all ages. It is a skin condition that causes the skin to become inflamed, itchy, and red. One of the most sensitive areas of skin on the face is the eye area. Anyone who suffers from eczema around the eyes knows how frustrating it can be. Applying traditional makeup products to this sensitive area can cause further irritation which can exacerbate eczema. In this article, we will look into how women with eczema around their eyes can find the right makeup products to wear that don’t aggravate the condition.

What causes Eczema around the Eyes?

Eczema around the eyes is caused by various factors including stress, allergies, genetics, and hormonal imbalances. When one suffers from eczema on the face, it can be particularly difficult since the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face making it more sensitive to irritants.

Choosing the Right Eye Makeup Products for Eczema

Choosing the right makeup products for someone who suffers from eczema around the eyes is a critical step towards managing the condition. One of the most important aspects of choosing the right products is ensuring that the ingredients are hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic. Here are some tips to consider when selecting makeup suitable for eczema-prone skin:

Tip 1: Opt for Hypoallergenic Products

Few ingredients can be triggering for eczema, so it is essential to select hypoallergenic products that are gentler on the skin. Check for products with the phrases “hypoallergenic,” “dermatologist tested,” or “ophthalmologist tested.”

Tip 2: Choose Fragrance-Free Products

Fragrances can be irritating to sensitive skin and cause flare-ups of eczema. So opting for fragrance-free products is essential, particularly if you have eczema around your eyes.

Tip 3: Avoid Products with Harsh Chemicals

Products with harsh chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and parabens can strip the skin of its natural oils and precipitate eczema. Pay attention to product labels, and opt for those with no harsh chemicals.

Tip 4: Pick Products That Are Non-Comedogenic

Comedogenic products tend to clog pores and increase acne breakouts, so the non-comedogenic option is safer if you have eczema as its gentler on the skin.

Tip 5: Avoid Products with Heavy Metals

Heavy metals can cause eczema flare-ups, so it’s best to avoid products that contain heavy metal elements.

Best Eye Makeup for Eczema-prone Skin

When it comes to selecting makeup products for eczema-prone skin, a little research goes a long way. Here are some of the best eye makeup products to try when battling eczema around the eyes.

1. Powder Eyeshadows

Powder eyeshadows are the least likely to cause flare-ups because they don’t have oils or emulsifiers that cause irritations. They also last longer, so they don’t need to be reapplied as often as other products. Brands such as Jane Iredale and BareMinerals make eyeshadows that are gentle on the skin.

2. Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

Mascara is a favorite of many women, but they contain irritating ingredients such as synthetic dyes, formaldehyde, and phthalates. When choosing mascara, choose the ones for sensitive eyes to avoid further irritations, for instance, Clinique’s Lash Power mascara is free of harsh chemicals that can cause eczema around the eyes.

3. Liquid Eyeliners

With the right ingredients, liquid eyeliners can be safe for people with eczema-prone skin. The liner should not be waterproof and contain glycerin and dimethicone. Brands like Almay and Physician’s Formula make liners suitable for sensitive skin.

Makeup Tips for Eczema-prone Skin

Besides choosing the right makeup products, there are other makeup tips and tricks that one can use to manage eczema around the eyes.

1. Always Do a Skin Patch Test

Before purchasing makeup products, it’s always wise to do a skin patch test to see how the skin reacts. Apply the makeup product on one area of skin and wait 24 hours to observe any reactions.

2. Remove Makeup Before Bedtime

Makeup can cause further eczema irritation on the skin if it’s not removed before bedtime. Leaving makeup on overnight means that it’s stuck on the skin and can cause further inflammation.

3. Use a Gentle Makeup Remover

It’s advisable to use a gentle makeup remover, such as micellar water, to remove eye makeup products without causing skin irritation.

4. Wash Application Brushes Frequently

Application brushes can harbor bacteria that can cause flare-ups. It’s essential to wash the brushes regularly to prevent eczema around the eyes.


Q1. Can I Use False Lashes with Eczema around my Eyes?

While false lashes do not necessarily cause irritation to the eyes themselves, the adhesive used to apply them could lead to further eczema irritation. So, it’s essential to avoid anything that causes skin irritation.

Q2. Can I apply Concealer over the Eczema Flare-up around my Eyes?

It’s best to avoid makeup products that can cause eczema flare-ups. However, in case the rash requires coverage, it is advisable to use a hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and fragrance-free concealer to prevent further irritations.

Q3. What causes Eczema around the Eyes?

Eczema around the eyes is caused by a variety of triggers, including allergies, stress, genetics, hormonal imbalances, and harsh chemicals.

Q4. Can Eczema around Eyes lead to Health Complications?

If eczema around the eyes is not treated, it can lead to complications such as infections and scarring. It’s crucial to seek professional help if eczema persists.

Q5. Can I use Eyelash Extensions with Eczema around my Eyes?

Eyelash extensions can cause irritation to eczema around the eyes since they contain glue that has harsh chemicals. It’s best to avoid anything that can lead to further skin irritations.


Finding the right makeup products for eczema-prone skin takes some trial and error since everyone’s skin is different. Hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and gentle makeup products present the best options for individuals with eczema prone skin. With the tips and makeup product recommendations provided, individuals with eczema can comfortably wear makeup products without worrying about eczema irritation around their eyes.

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