How To Get Rid Of Stinky Feet Smell In Shoes

How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet Smell in Shoes

Stinky feet smell in shoes is a common problem that many people face. Not only can it be embarrassing, but it can also be quite unpleasant. The good news is that there are several effective ways to eliminate this smell and keep your shoes smelling fresh. In this article, we will discuss some of the best methods to get rid of stinky feet smell in shoes.

1. Wash Your Feet Regularly

The first step in eliminating stinky feet smell is to ensure that your feet are clean. Wash your feet thoroughly with soap and water on a daily basis. Pay special attention to the area between the toes, as this is where odor-causing bacteria tend to thrive. Dry your feet completely before putting on your shoes.

2. Use Antifungal Foot Powder

Fungal infections can often cause a foul smell in shoes. To combat this, use an antifungal foot powder on a regular basis. This will help to kill any bacteria or fungi present on your feet, preventing them from causing odor in your shoes.

3. Wear Breathable Shoes

One of the main reasons why stinky feet smell develops is due to the lack of air circulation in your shoes. To avoid this, opt for breathable shoes made from natural materials such as leather or canvas. These materials allow moisture to escape, keeping your feet dry and odor-free.

4. Rotate Your Shoes

Wearing the same pair of shoes every day can contribute to the development of stinky feet smell. To prevent this, it is important to rotate your shoes regularly. This allows each pair of shoes to dry out completely before being worn again, reducing the chances of odor-causing bacteria from building up.

5. Use Odor-Eliminating Insoles

Odor-eliminating insoles are a great way to keep your shoes smelling fresh. These insoles are made from materials that help to absorb and neutralize odors. Simply insert them into your shoes and they will work to eliminate any unpleasant smells.

6. Wash Your Shoes

If your shoes have developed a strong stinky feet smell, it may be necessary to wash them. Check the care label on your shoes to see if they are machine washable. If they are, toss them in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Alternatively, you can hand wash them using warm water and soap. Allow them to air dry completely before wearing them again.

7. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is known for its odor-absorbing properties. Sprinkle some baking soda inside your shoes and let it sit overnight. The next day, shake out the excess baking soda and your shoes should smell much better. You can also put an open box of baking soda inside your shoes when you’re not wearing them to help absorb any lingering odors.

8. Use Vinegar

Vinegar is another effective natural remedy for eliminating stinky feet smell. Mix equal parts vinegar and water and soak a cloth in the mixture. Wipe down the inside of your shoes with the damp cloth and allow them to air dry. The vinegar will help to kill any bacteria and neutralize odors.

9. Freezing Method

If you have shoes that are not machine washable, you can try the freezing method to eliminate stinky feet smell. Place your shoes in a plastic bag and seal it tightly. Put the bag in the freezer and leave it overnight. The cold temperatures will kill any odor-causing bacteria. Remove the shoes from the freezer and let them thaw before wearing them again.

10. Use Tea Bags

Tea bags can also help to get rid of stinky feet smell in shoes. Simply place a few dry tea bags inside your shoes and leave them overnight. The tea bags will absorb any unpleasant odors, leaving your shoes smelling fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do my shoes smell even after washing them?

A: Sometimes, washing alone may not be enough to completely eliminate stinky feet smell from shoes. This could be due to the presence of stubborn bacteria or fungi. In such cases, it may be necessary to use additional odor-eliminating methods such as baking soda or vinegar.

Q: Can I use deodorant on my feet to get rid of shoe odor?

A: Deodorants are designed to eliminate odor on the surface of the skin, not inside your shoes. While they may provide a temporary masking effect, they are not effective in treating the root cause of stinky feet smell. It is best to use dedicated foot powders or odor-eliminating insoles for long-lasting results.

Q: How often should I wash my shoes to prevent stinky feet smell?

A: The frequency of shoe washing depends on several factors, including how often you wear them and the intensity of foot odor. As a general rule, it is a good idea to wash your shoes every few months or whenever they start to develop a noticeable smell.

Q: Can wearing socks prevent stinky feet smell?

A: Wearing socks can definitely help to reduce stinky feet smell. Socks act as a barrier between your feet and the inside of your shoes, absorbing sweat and preventing it from coming into contact with the shoe material. Opt for socks made from breathable materials such as cotton or bamboo for the best results.

Q: Are there any natural remedies for stinky feet smell?

A: Yes, there are several natural remedies that can be used to eliminate stinky feet smell. Some of these include using baking soda, vinegar, tea bags, or even lemon juice. These remedies work to neutralize odors and kill bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals.

Q: Can I use baby powder to get rid of shoe odor?

A: Baby powder can be used as a temporary solution to mask shoe odor, but it is not effective in eliminating the root cause of the smell. The talcum powder in baby powder can help to absorb moisture and reduce sweat, but it does not have the same odor-eliminating properties as dedicated foot powders or baking soda.

Q: Can I use essential oils to get rid of shoe odor?

A: Essential oils can be used to mask shoe odor and provide a pleasant fragrance, but they do not have strong odor-eliminating properties. If you choose to use essential oils, make sure to dilute them properly and avoid applying them directly to your shoes, as they can stain or damage certain materials.

Q: Can stinky feet smell be a sign of a medical condition?

A: In some cases, persistent stinky feet smell can be a sign of an underlying medical condition such as fungal infection or excessive sweating. If you have tried various methods to eliminate the smell and it persists, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional for further evaluation and treatment.

Q: How can I prevent stinky feet smell in the future?

A: To prevent stinky feet smell from returning, it is important to practice good foot hygiene. Wash your feet regularly, wear clean socks every day, and rotate your shoes to allow them to dry out completely. Using odor-eliminating insoles and foot powders can also help to keep your shoes smelling fresh.

Q: Is it normal for feet to smell?

A: It is normal for feet to have a slight odor, especially after a long day or intense physical activity. However, persistent and strong foot odor that is accompanied by other symptoms such as itching or redness may indicate an underlying issue that should be addressed with the help of a healthcare professional.


Stinky feet smell in shoes is a common problem, but it can be effectively dealt with using the right strategies. By practicing good foot hygiene, choosing breathable shoes, using odor-eliminating products, and implementing natural remedies, you can eliminate stinky feet smell and keep your shoes smelling fresh. Remember to take action at the first sign of odor to prevent it from becoming a persistent problem.

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