This One Stunning Mom Spawned a Celebration of Beauty After 40

This One Stunning Mom Spawned a Celebration of Beauty After 40

It used to be that kids would dread growing older and inevitably looking more and more like their parents. But, a viral Twitter thread of daughters celebrating the beauty of their over-40 moms is proving that things certainly have changed.

It all began when Russian Twitter user @shipilkins posted a few photos of her mother along with the caption, “My mom is 43, and she can still steal any man from me.”

Other Twitter users were quick to agree with the sentiment, and the tweet gained more than 25,000 likes in a little over a week. But she wasn’t the only one who wanted to brag about her beautiful mom.

Soon, other people chimed in to show off their own stellar genes. For example, can you believe this young lady is 60 years old?

Or that Twitter user @Sakura70597227’s mom is 41?

“I’m increasingly convinced I’m adopted,” they wrote. “It was especially amusing when she was picking me up from the hospital and was told she couldn’t take me home because she was my sister.”

Another Twitter user wrote that that her mom is 45, “but people think she’s 37 at most or assume she’s [her] older sister.” The user added: “I’m proud of her, because only now has she become the best version of herself.”

“My mom is 48,” another user shared. “She’s a teacher. I’m certain that she sucks the youth out of her students.” Terrifying? Yes. Seemingly possible based on this photo? Absolutely.

“My mom is 45,” another Twitter user wrote. “She’s my best friend.”

Anyway, you get the idea.

As Jane Fonda once said, the secret to staying young is “your attitude, how you feel. Is there love in your life? Are you good in your skin? All of this will make you feel and look younger.” These moms definitely have all of those things, in addition to daughters who love them.

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